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Lino Cut | Print Kit

Makers Mob

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Lino Cut | Print Kit
Lino Cut | Print Kit
Lino Cut | Print Kit

Lino Print Kit

A dose of happiness, curated and delivered to your home!! 

We have put our heart into making craft projects, which we know you will love. Create something fun, have a chill, and make time for you!

This kit is inspired by a strong urge to stay connected to creativity, which helps the soul. And a connection to special people in our lives, through making and sending cards. A beautiful process.

Kit Materials:

 CONTENTS: Lino Print Kit

  • Lino cut blades
  • 2 x sheets of Lino cut
  • Ink Roller
  • Print Ink
  • Pack of 10 A6 cards and envelopes 
  • Tracing paper 
  • Print paper 
  • Full colour instructions
  • Makers Mob postcard


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