The Beat Goes On

Katherine Khullar


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Cool as a cucumber, or as slow as a sloth? Taking time and slowing down, is a cool way to be. Why hurry when you can go your own speed?

Going at your own pace, is now socially acceptable. No longer do we need to rush around, we can march to the beat of our own drum and the tune sounds liberating. We just need to listen.

There is a common perception of when trying to achieve a goal, or undertaking a basic role, if you go faster it will get done quicker. Faster means you can do more, this is true. It also means you burn out quicker.

I am speaking from a place, where burn-out was a real outcome to driving my body on purely fight or flight energy. Constantly in a state of attack, of anxiety, and truthfully in a place of pain, my body could not cope.

They say the brightest flames burn fastest. I would rather my flame burns beautifully and have longevity.

All things have to end, and surely enough my flame diminished, and so did I for a bit. I forgot that I make my own magic, I can set my own pace. The beat of the drum, can play a melodic tune, not just a marching beat!

Now, in a pandemic age where seemingly all we have is time, it is important to use this wisely. In a way we can relate to, in a way which actually is manageable for the way we live.

We all attack life at a different pace, and our drive has different patterns, ultimately we want to get to a place of happiness. Whatever our version of happiness is, as we are all beautifully unique. We can align on kindness, empathy and connection though.

The tortoise and the hare, were both in the same race. They took the same path, nothing else was the same for them, and they wore different shoes.

The human qualities we possess, should never be given away, or lost. There are core elements we should all keep, and let them shine out brightly. Taking things a bit slower, means you do not need to loose what makes you unique. Sometimes being still like a stone, although feeing counter-intuitive, helps drive us forward. Reserves our precious energy and recharges our batteries.

I take my energy from the sun, and use it wisely. I go slow, I rest, and I am happier than I have ever been. I sleep! My light won’t burn brightest, and I won’t set the world on fire. That’s OK. I am OK!

My uncle always asks, what is the biggest commodity in life? The answer always has a lot of debate. The answer is simple. Time. We race against it. We can’t buy it, stop it, or reverse it. Let time move you in a way with no regrets, with ease, and mindfulness.

Maybe as time goes on, beyond us, we can stop and look at our path. Enjoy the view, trust our instincts to guide us, and not hurry us. Take it slow and steady, and always remember you beat your own drum.


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