Just a bit of Patience!! | 30 Day No Spend Challenge

Katherine Khullar

The rules of Jim do not state you need inner calm, but on Day 10, a lovely lesson in patience appears!! Everyday is a learning day?!

I am so excited about the day ahead, as we are seeing the olds in real life. First time since March, as they live 50 miles away, during lockdown we stayed away - as my pops has some underlying medical conditions. Also, until the ‘Barnard Castle’ incident, I did not think to drive to deliver groceries, was on the itinerary. So we sorted everything with amazing local businesses, close to the olds!!

The littles and I, have been having loads of fun baking with my parents on a Friday - star baker Mum - has been trying to teach me and the dots the ‘magical art of baking’. I decide quite early on there is no hope for me, and focus the energy on the kids. I am not being self-deprecating here - I am OK saying my baking is horrible - I just don’t have the ‘light touch’ (whatever that is)! And I am happy making the savory stuff. Turns out the oldest dot is pretty great at baking, so we now make the perfect team!! 

In the wilds of Essex, a happy connection happens with humanity, and nature! Perfect.

Anyway, this day is very exciting for us, to be able see their faces is going to be awesome! We decide to meet at a recently reopened RHS Garden called: Hyde Hall (click opens new link). It is a beautiful place in the world, set on a hillside in Essex. The reunion is as fun as expected, and we all do a happy dance to see each other!! Grateful, and hearts full of love.

We take a picnic, find a seat, and eat some nice sarnies. The littles have lots of questions while we eat, and find new things to tell the grandparents. Which show real life interactions bring out more emotions, and deeper discussions, than on the phone.

Picture of Barnard Castle Eye Test BeerWe roam around the gardens, taking things slow - not wanting to part, and luckily the gardens are not busy at all. We all stay until the very end, when we are ushered out. I walk briskly through the plant shop, with my blinkers on, as I saw a beautiful rose I want in the garden, and am not into temptation this day! I stop and had a brief mooch through the shop, obviously lots of cute temptations! I am strong. I don’t break this time.

The Jarmusch moment is a little gesture, which is thoughtful, and brings a realisation of patience!  

At the car, we say our goodbyes. A few little tears, and no hugs was hard!! Mum gives me two beautiful plants, she bought for me, to brighten my garden! Lavender Plants would you believe? I have to laugh, after the whole ‘Lavender Gate’ episode, if I had not of been so impulsive, I would have received the same result!! 

Patience is a hard lesson, even at 45. Now more than ever we need it. Patience to hug loved ones, to stay away from places which are not socially distanced, and to get our lives back to how they were. I am going to use my patience, to make my life even better than before!! That’s my gift to myself.

As we say our final farewell, Mum slips me a star baker style silver wrapped parcel, straight from her oven. A freshly baked fruit cake!!

Good things come to those who wait!!! 


Let the challenge commence | The Details
These are my guidelines, my key questions, and the things I will be thinking about for the next 30 days of No Spending!
This challenge is light-hearted, and so are the blog posts that follow. LINK HERE >>>> The Jarmusch Challenge Overview
You can follow along with me if you fancy, the details are below. Make up your rules, and see how you get on.

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The upshot is, no spending additional money, and making sure I write about how it feels, or more importantly - things I learn along the way!!
I make references to Jim, but we do not know each other. The Jarmusch Challenge, is made up by my 4am self!
And so it is


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