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Katherine Khullar

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They say your vibe attracts your tribe, is the Nice Girls Craft Club an awesome group of supportive people with crafting superpowers?

I have always been into crafts, and making. I come from a family of craft folk. Both sides of my family were really good with their hands, sewers, woodworkers, photographers, and painters. A talented bunch. My grandad Eric, had an amazing woodworking shed, it smelt so good, and was full of really cool stuff. He spent his spare time making wooden furniture.  

He had a terrible experience in the second world war, and I know now, he used his craft as an output for calm. The act of closing the door, starting to carve, and shutting out the world. Focused only on his carving, being lost in himself.
Being lost in the moment is a special superpower, which not everyone is lucky enough to experience. Making, and creating brings a certain calm headspace, which in itself becomes addictive.

The crafters who came before us, have left an imprint. Not just to make, also to understand connection and force of nature.

Craft brings a connection to oneself, to the earths energy, to a wider headspace and collective expression. Craft unites people, brings confidence and offers joy. One thing I love about teaching workshops - kids and adults - is seeing people flourish over the time we share together.

To see confidence grow, as the make develops. The tactile nature of crafting, is very transformative and healing. It feels good to shape the material in your hands,  taking ownership of your design, and bringing it to life. Giving your work the spark it needs, to develop and grow.

Crafting is not only for girls of course, the Nice Girls Craft Club, is just my way of thinking about my tribe of crafters. 

The tribe I happen to belong to is only women (although it is not exclusive), we all have a shared love of making, this passion has created strong connections. I have not met all of people in my tribe in real life, some I am lucky enough to know, all inspire, encourage and support me. We support each other, and help each other grow.

Our journey is about empowerment, using our voices, and using craft in a way that can be performative, beautiful, or functional - we get to choose the form expression. We get to say it is art! We have a voice, whether our work is big or small. Our creation continues, outside of our bodies,

Craft is no longer a necessity, it is a choice, and it connects us to our ancestors.  I am sure my grandad, would have loved to work on projects with me, out in the shed - dissolving away from the confines of our consciousness - sharing space, time, and making our own calm.

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Seeing your makes, and joining your journey.
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Stay Awesome,
Kate x

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  • I love this article, it’s so true craft has a magical almost healing property.


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