Lollipop Counted Cross-Stitch Project

Katherine Khullar

Make Your Own Ice-Cream Cross Stitch

Lollipop Counted Cross-Stitch Project

Today is an awesome day to learn something new! Relax, enjoy and be awesome. You may be wondering how to cross-stitch? You may already be a pro, or need a refresher. All of the above are cool.

This is a small project, which will take about three hours, and is meant to be mindful and slow. No pressure to finish this project quickly, just do your own time! Keep it chilled.

Remember, confidence comes from knowledge.


  • 14 count Aida Fabric 20cm
  • Size 22 Needle
  • Coloured Thread
  • Glass Beads
  • Small Sharp Pointed Needle - Hoop 10cm
  • Coloured Pen

Picture of all the materials. Hoops, pink and yellow thread, pen, hoop, glass beads, ribbon for hanging, and 14 count aida material

Cross-Stitch is made up using X-shaped stitches across a fabric with an open weave, like Aida, which we have used for this project.

Preparing the Hoop

Before you start anything else, if you want to colour in your hoop - using a coloured pen - now is the time. This will give the colour time to dry, while you get ready. PLEASE make sure your space is ventilated, and do not sit over the top of the colouring. Different pens, have different fume levels.

The hoop, has two parts. You only need to colour the top part (with the metal screw), as the other piece will be under the material.

Picture of hoop and colouring penPicture of hoop and colouring pen completed hoop

Design & Material Prep

We transferred the design onto the material using an erasable pen, using a Threaders Erasable Marker Pen. The marks are removed with a hair dryer, after the project is finished.

This is not essential to complete your project, you can copy from the pattern supplied.

Picture of drawn lollipop on fabrice, with pen, and beads

Reading a Pattern

A cross-stitch pattern contains information about where to stitch on your fabric, and what colours to use. Of course, in this project, you can choose your own. Each square, either with a colour OR a symbol, is a square on the material.


Once you are ready, lay the material over the bottom hoop. Make sure the design is centered. Place the coloured, top part, over the cantered design and over the bottom hoop.

Press down firmly, and as you tighten the screw, make sure the fabric is taught, and the squares are even. Too tight and it will distort the weave, to loose, and it will be baggy.

Picture of hoop with material in it and design of lollipop drawn on

Thread is Everything

The embroidery thread comes with 6 strands, twisted together. For this project, we will use 2 strands.

Picture of 6 strands of yellow thread with 2 strands separated 

Cut approx 20cm of thread. Slowly, pull 2 strands out taking your time, as the strands can get twisted together.

For this project, we will start at the top of the design, as it will make it easier to count, and also you will only stitch in one colour at a time.

We have used a size 22 needle, which has a bigger eye to thread. Also it is not as sharp as other needles, meaning it is nicer for your finger tips.

Thread your needle, using the two strands. For cross-stitch, knots can cause lumps on the finished project, so either:

  • Use knots wisely and make sure you do not have lumpy work
  • Hold the end - with no knot - and stitch over the tail, as you create the stitches

There is no right or wrong way, it just has to look neat on the front.

Picture of 14 point aida with some coloured thread and a pair of scissors

Getting your Stitch on!

Starting from the back of the fabric, bring your needle up through the hole, towards the front. Leaving about an inch at the back, if you want to stitch over the tail. Make sure this extra thread, does not slip through, so hold onto it, then cover it over with the stitches as you work.

Picture of aida fabric in a hoop, with the needle coming through the fabric from the back

Pass your needle down through the hole, diagonally across from where you started. You will make this kind of shape: /

Bring the needle up above the hole you just come down through, and half stitch across the other way. You will complete the stitch, and make this shape: X

<img src="" alt="Picture of aida fabric in a hoop, with the needle going back through the material

Continue along the row. When you get to the end of the row, you can go to the row below, and work along the next row.

Continue until you either run out of thread, or you come to the end of the pattern.

The Game of Threads

Alway make sure you leave enough thread to tie off at the back of your work. No one wants to have to undo their work, it hurts. On the back side of the fabric, pass the needle under at least 3 finished stitches. We always tie ours off to secure correctly. Trim, but not too close, as you do not want any stitches to unravel.

The Game of Threads, you win or you die! Dramatic, but true.

Sprinkles & Happiness

The key to the sprinkles, is too make them look randomly thrown, but not try too hard. It is a delicate balance. Plan out roughly, on top of the fabric, before you sew.

Picture of finished lollipop, with 6 glass beads laid out at the side

Use 1 thread, and a thinner needle. The needle needs to be able to pass through the beads, with the thread. Use a basic running/ straight stitch to secure the beads.

Picture of finished lollipop, with 1 glass bead on thread and starting to sew

Finishing the Project

Once everything is complete, it's time to complete the hoop. Make sure you have finished the project before this step, as once you start cutting, knotting or sticking, there is no going back.

Picture of a finished pink and yellow cross stitch lollipop, with glass bead sprinkles

There are lots of different ways to finish the hoop, check out our favourite cross stitch video, as a starting point. It is made by Peacock & Fig | External Website to follow (may contain ads). 

Watch Video: How to Finish Work in a Hoop

If I could tell you one thing...

You will quickly nail art of cross-stitch, and be a pro by the sprinkle stage. Looking at your work, is always satisfying. Stitching helps calm, there is no doubt. Take it slow, and keep happiness in mind.

Like the thread. Do not get twisted up. Keep loose, and channel love into your tutti frutti make.

Take care and stay awesome!!

Click on picture below | Free Pattern Download

Picture of completed project

You can find the pattern template, and free projects on Little Dot Loves website:

You can find the pattern template and free craft projects, on the Little Dot Loves Website <<Click Here>>

Project Videos also on our Instagram Page: @littledotloves

NB | When using sharp scissors and needles, please mind those fingers! We need them to do so many things.

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Remember, confidence comes from knowledge!


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