Face Mask Embroidery | Make it!

Katherine Khullar

Girl with Yellow Face Mask with Lavender Embroidery

Guide to embroidering your own mask! Get creative, have fun and stand out in a sea of plain!!

What you will need:

  • Coloured Thread 
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Planning your design for your face mask, means they will need to be washed. It is important to make sure your work is secure, and not pulled too tightly. Start simpler, and see what works. Then go wild style!!

Flat lay of face masks and materials

Plan your design, ahead of stitching, draw out your design. You can plan a rough design on paper, so you know where to go. Keep it simple to start with. You can copy this design, or make up your own.

We used Threaders Erasable Marker Pens (bought from Amazon) to draw on the fabric. You can then use a hairdryer to remove the marks.  

Close up of drawing on face mask and fabric pen
  • Lavender and Daisy Leaves | Daisy Stitch
  • Stalks & Leaves | Running/ Basic Stitch

NB: We used 2 strands of coloured thread, you can choose your own colours, and make your own happy

Steps 1 to 4 of the guide 
  • The cotton has 6 strands, you pull out and use 2 strands
  • Cut a length of thread, about 15 inches
  • Thread the strands through the eye of a needle
  • Make sure the needle is in the middle of the thread, and tie the two ends together - so on your needle you have have 4 threads
  • Start with the petal of the design
Daisy Stitch
  • Start the daisy stitch by bringing the needle up from the back, up through the mask
  • Now poke the needle down down through the fabric, next to where the thread came up
  • Do not pull the thread all the way through - you need to leave thread to make the loop of the petal
  • Next bring the needle up at the length you want your petal to be
  • Make sure your needle comes up inside the loop (see pictures as a guide)
  • Now poke your needle down on the outside of your loop to finish the petal
  • Then start the next petal, and repeat until your petals are complete
Steps 5 to 7 of the Guide
Running Stitch
  • Start your running stitch - using two strands of thread - bring them up through the mask
  • Keep the stitches the same length (even), and make sure they are not loose
  • Bring your needle down through the fabric, next to where you came up
  • Then bring the needle back down the fabric next to where you came up 
  • Repeat these steps until all the running stitch is complete
Tie Off the Thread
  • Plan to make sure, before your thread runs out, as you need thread to tie off - you definitely do not want to be caught short, as you will not be able to tie of the stitches, and it will come undone (sad face)
  • Leave a couple of inches of thread, and make sure your needle is at the back of the work
  • Tie off, by taking the needle to the backside of the material, and creating a little knot with the thread. You can also, weave the tail of the thread, through the back of some of the stitches, to make extra secure. Then trim the tail 
  • Rethread your needle, and start the next part of the design
  • Take it slow, and make it fun. There is no rush!
Finished Design with Daisies and Lavender
Guide to embroidering your mask your own!  Get creative, have fun and stand out in a sea of plain!!
Stay Awesome,
Kate xo
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