An Interaction | 30 Day No Spend Challenge

Katherine Khullar

Oh yeah!! A real life interaction happened today. Best day ever!

OK, I have a touch of the am-drams here, but dude - this is something money cannot buy! Sometimes humans are weird, kooky, hard to work out, and sometimes they are pure and wonderful. Day 2 brought an unplanned real life event.

It was the absolute normality of the event, which made it epic. So very normal, in such weird times. I went into my friend's garden, for a cup of coffee. On my own, without any littles, just me and my pal. Drinking coffee! 

We had a giggle, about times when we had been out together before lockdown.

We talked about our at home fashion choices, hair (key topic), and stuff we had been making to keep ourselves sane. Keeping it all very normal, and focused on us.

This was classic 'Jarmusch' stuff! If Jim was an experience, he would be coffee with friends. Once kind of basic, now transformed into epic, with a stir of the spoon.

This day, my cup was full, and I did not think one time of buying anything. Also, (I assumed) nothing was for sale in her garden - which did make things less tempting. I felt like myself, I was present in the moment.

Not thinking about being anywhere else, or looking for ways of escape.

It has crossed my mind - and maybe I am late to the thinking party here - browsing the internet is a way of escape. Maybe looking for future satisfaction, or a quick fix of happiness chemicals (dopamine), or finding the thing you need - it all gives you some sense of purpose. 

Today was a good day. It was real. It was connected, and I managed to have something very private which - in my lively household - is quite rare! 

Let the challenge commence | The details
These are my guidelines, my key questions, and the things I will be thinking about for the next 30 days!
This challenge is light-hearted, and so are the blog posts that follow. LINK HERE >>>> The Jarmusch Challenge Overview
You can follow along with me if you fancy, the details are below. Make up your rules, and see how you get on. Follow and Tag on Instagram @littledotloves and use the hashtags #thejarmusch #littledotloves
The upshot is, no spending money, and making sure I write about how it feels, or more importantly - things I learn along the way!! I make references to Jim, but we do not know each other. The Jarmusch Challenge, is made up by my 4am self!
And so it is


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